Sevenpointfive products are among the best out there. We use the best ingredients we can find to make products that truly work. But sometimes choosing the right brand is only half the battle. If you have a specific issue you are trying to solve, it usually becomes a matter of sifting through mountains of conflicting information from the internet, friends and shop assistants. What if you had a professional health consultant that could give you facts, and not guesses?

This is why Sevenpointfive was built on qualified professional consultants using live blood analysis to take the guesswork out of managing your health. A consultation will consist of a Live Blood Analysis, a pH test, a sample of Sevenpointfive products, and diet and lifestyle recommendations tailored to you.

To arrange your consultation, contact a Health Pro listed below.

Or, if you are a little old school, pick up the phone:

Sevenpointfive Bedfordview : Dr Mark Leite (Homeopath)
Phone: 011 455 2488
Mobile: 082 686 6484

Sevenpointfive Hillcrest: Delia Francis
Phone: 031 765 7889

Sevenpointfive Linden: Dr Annelise Bunce (Homeopath)
Phone: 011 782 0518
Mobile: 082 699 2662

Sevenpointfive Berea: Dr Sashni Naicker (Homeopath)
Phone: 072 730 6876

Sevenpointfive Hermanus : Ferdi Appelgryn
Phone: 082 928 1965

Sevenpointfive George : Alicia Lourens
Phone: 071 354 5706

Sevenpointfive Richards Bay: Gugu Mtshali
Phone: 035 789 5348

Sevenpointfive Rivonia: Dr Mark Leite (Homeopath)
Phone: 011 807 9877
Mobile: 082 314 2119

Sevenpointfive Sandton: Dr Annelise Bunce (Homeopath)
Phone: 011 782 0518
Mobile: 082 699 2662

Sevenpointfive Somerset West: Lauren Schoeman
Phone: 079 154 7543
Mobile: 082 852 4783

Sevenpointfive Tokai: Virginia Holst
Phone: 021 701 4001
Mobile: 083 456 5066