What exactly is involved in a Live Blood Analysis? Live Blood Analysis was pioneered by Sevenpointfive in South Africa since 1997. Live blood analysis allows one to get an instant snapshot into the functioning of your body. What are the benefits and what can it actually show you? Where can you get your Live Blood Analysis test done? Read more to find out what you can expect.

The pictures below are taken from our live blood analysis microscope systems. Our microscopes are laboratory quality units with brightfield, darkfield and phase contrast. This enables us to use the correct view to pick out all aspects and conditions in the blood.

The Live Blood Analysis involves a pin prick of blood taken from your finger and placed on a microscope. We then have a look for imbalances, deficiencies and problems in your body. Unique to Sevenpointfive, is the before and after process we follow. After the initial sample is taken and analysed, you are given Coral Calcium, Assimil-8 and Activ-8. Just 15 minutes later a second sample is taken, and the pictures below demonstrate the differences exhibited in the blood in that short space of time.

Red blood cells under the microscope

Red blood cells after taking Sevenpointfive supplements

In this picture the red cells are all clumped together, the white cells are much smaller than the red cells, and the lines in the open spaces indicate liver stress. An unhealthy picture, and yet a common one. This is 15 minutes after having taken 3 Sevenpointfive products. The red cells have separated, new, healthy, big white cells have been produced and the liver stress lines are not there anymore.

Crystals under the microscope
Crystals after taking Sevenpointfive supplements.

In these pictures you can see a large cholesterol crystal on the left. In just 15 minutes of having the right nutrients, the body has started to break up crystals, as seen on the right. Clear demonstration of how quickly the body will repair itself, given the right nutrients and environment.

Once the live blood analysis process is completed, we will give you an eating plan and supplement suggestions based on what we saw. That way you only take what your body needs. Book your live blood analysis here.