They call it Menopause, but it should rather be called Lifepause. It is much more a “pause-on-life”, than a “pause-on-men”! And with the usual symptoms of hot flushes, moods and all those terrible things, comes weight gain. Menopause steals your energy and your “feel good hormones”. It even makes your friends disappear…..nobody wants to be friends with a miserable, depressed, anxious, moody, irritated person!

For me, the worst of all, was the weight gain. “You will gain weight when you get older”, I’ve heard so many times before.  “From the age of forty you will gain weight. At least two kilograms a year”, someone tried to comfort me. At first I “let go”. Forty came and fifty is getting closer, and with the years came the weight gain. It was when the weight gain hit ten kilograms in a period of about one year, when I realised that it is out of control and I need serious help!

I used to be fairly thin and I am used to a fairly active lifestyle, with fairly healthy eating habits. Working out is not my favourite activity to pass the time, but I am aware of the health benefits associated with eating healthy and keeping in shape. I tried on my own……..no success. Failure after failure. Effort after effort. Try again and again, and just when I was about to seriously “let go”, a friend of a friend told me about Sevenpointfive one Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon I was researching the concept on the internet and on Monday morning I booked my appointment with Dr. John-John Lottering at the Sandton branch.

My first appointment was like being in the movies! There was a big screen with pictures on. Amazing pictures! I couldn’t believe the stories my live blood analysis told! I couldn’t believe the distress my body was experiencing! I couldn’t believe that my PH-count could tell so much about me! Everything made perfect sense. If the PH-balance of our swimming pool is not right, it can be seen in the water. It either goes green or milky and a lot of unwanted quests make it their home. It was amazing to learn that the concept is exactly the same and if the PH-balance in my body is not right, unwanted quests move in. They steal our energy and they cause weight gain, hair loss, dry skin, depression and sickness.

There was work to be done! A detox to clean. Water, and lots of it, to help the process. A fresh look at what I feed myself, a return to moderate exercise on a daily basis and natural products to help my body to help itself. The assistance of Dr. Lottering and his staff were so much more than I expected! They have no idea what difference a simple telephone call during the five day detox program makes.

Since I committed to the Sevenpointfive program, I have reduced my weight by eight kilograms and my body fat with 10%! I have energy to share! I feel a different person and enjoy life again. Sevenpointfive gave me back my zest for life. It helped me to lose the weight I’ve gained and I was back in my old summer clothes by the start of summer. It’s helping me cope with the symptoms of my menopause and with depression.

We need to help our bodies to help themselves. Their slogan “cleanse•nourish•balance” is a roadmap to better living and better health. A cleaned, nourished and balanced body, is a body that can help itself and definitely have a better chance of healing itself. We owe it to ourselves to look after our bodies. I firmly believe that knowing what goes on inside my veins, have already improved my quality of living and will in the future improve my changes when sickness strike.




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