So December came and went, New Years was kind of ok, again, and 2nd most popular new year’s resolution with 37% of the vote is to cleanse oneself of all the holiday braais, beers, champagne and desserts.

This normally involves eating lots of salad, abstaining from alcohol and drinking green tea. For the hardier detoxer, it may go as far as the grape diet (which excludes wine by the way), soup diet, or perhaps even having a hosepipe inserted… Well let’s just say an alien probe won’t be all that new for the acomplished colon cleanser.

The question is, is this all necessary?

Some schools of thought believe the body is self cleansing, and therefore a detox is unnecessary. I say, yes. The body does cleanse itself. Provided it is able to. Problem is, with mass production of our food, the nutrients just aren’t there. And the pollution in our air, water and soil means our need for good nutrients is even higher. So we end up storing up little bits of toxins. In our fat. Or the body tries to get rid of it through the skin leading to, well, skin problems. Or it uses mucous. Uggh.

Anyhoo, so I’m done with my detox. For 5 days I drank 4 litres of water a day. Took high dosages of my supplements. And avoided acid causing or difficult to digest foods. And of course alcohol. And I had headaches, weak muscles, dizziness and some nausea. But for 3 days of the 5 only.

And now I’m fit as a fiddle. I say do it.